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The Council of Presidential Advisors visits Esco Ventures' Incubator Facility in Singapore

The distinguished Council of Presidential Advisors visited Esco Ventures Incubator Facility in Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore on the 22nd of July 2016. The visit aimed to help the Council better understand the latest developments in Singapore startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

XQ Lin, Founder of Esco Ventures, led the activity by presenting recent accomplishments of the team including the innovative Miri Multi-room embryo incubator and Miri TL Time Lapse Embryo Incubator. Future ventures and strategies were also discussed during the event which brought curiosity and enthusiasm among the visitors.

Carmentix, the first incubate of Esco Ventures, focused on early prognosis of preterm birth presented their development plan as well.

Esco Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Esco Group, focused on early stage investments in life sciences tools and medical technology startups with innovative technologies.

We provide an environment and stepping stone for early-stage start -up companies in the Singaporean life science industry. Esco Ventures supports the development of each business from creative ideas, to innovation and commercialization, and, ultimately, to market success.

Esco Ventures Labs, our incubator facility, has a fully equipped wet-lab space which provide comprehensive incubation services to incubatee companies.

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