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Launch of the Esco Ventures Fellowship

Esco Ventures X, Singapore’s factory for biotech startups, has launched its inaugural Esco Ventures Fellowship program. The purpose of this program is to groom aspiring bio-entrepreneurs to carve, refine and pursue their biotech innovations, in a VC environment. An Info Session was held on 18 June 2018 at The Meeting Point @ JTC Launchpad to introduce the program to potential candidates as well as address any questions they have.

Esco Group President and CEO, as well as Managing Partner of Esco Ventures, Mr XQ Lin, gave an opening address and showcased Esco Group’s transformation and its role in Asia’s life science ecosystem. This was followed by CEO Dr Nir Arbel’s introduction of Carmentix, the first company created within Esco Ventures, addressing the unmet need of preterm birth prognosis. Following that, Dr Ronne Yeo shared details and mechanics of the Fellowship program, and the session ended off with Dr Damien Keogh’s sharing of his personal experience transiting from academia to an Entrepreneur-in-residence role at Esco Ventures.

A lot of enthusiasm in the form of questions and comments from the potential candidates, and these were addressed by members of the Esco Ventures Team.

The guests were ushered for a tour of our incubator at Block 71, JTC Launchpad. This was followed by refreshments and networking, where potential candidates took the opportunity to introduce themselves, get to know the team better and discuss the Fellowship program in greater detail.

It was a fruitful session and the Esco Ventures Team would like to thank all potential candidates and our guests who came to support the event. We look forward to receiving more applications for the Fellowship and attracting the best biotech talents in Singapore.

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