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Entrepreneurial Scientists as Catalysts for a Growing Biotech Ecosystem

Esco Ventures team together with Prof. Harvey Lodish

Esco Ventures is privileged to have hosted Professor Harvey Lodish (MIT/Whitehead) at the Esco Ventures incubator in Singapore on 22 January 2019.

The same day, Esco Ventures hosted an event with A*STAR at Biopolis themed “Entrepreneurial Scientists as Catalysts for a Growing Biotech Ecosystem”. Professors Harvey Lodish, Dario Campana, Antonio Bertoletti, Dr Danny Soon (A*STAR) and XQ Lin (Esco Ventures) spoke about various topics relating to biotech development. The event was wrapped up with a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for biotech innovations in Singapore, where our distinguished speakers shared their perspective on the local biotech scene.

All in all, the event gave provided greater insights into Singapore’s biotech ecosystem, as well as the details that go into entrepreneurship in this industry that many will find useful. In addition to gaining knowledge from our experienced speakers, 3 lucky winners also walked away with autographed books authored by Prof. Harvey Lodish, congratulations!

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