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EVX Nexus provides biotech companies a comprehensive, one-stop co-working space. With our fully integrated laboratory, dedicated tissue culture and private suites, state-of-the-art equipment, private meeting rooms and phone booths, supportive operational and service team; Nexus’ 14,000 sqft co-working space jumpstarts biotech R&D and accelerates the commercial development of life science companies.

We are conveniently located at Synapse, situated within Biopolis, and a 10-min walk from Fusionopolis. This prime location allows us to collaborate within the biomedical community and access to shared sophisticated equipment, services, facilities, and other high-value resources available at A*STAR Research Entities and other privately funded research entities, all within walking distance.

EVX Nexus

EVX Nexus is equipped with both outdoor and indoor event space, to support networking and marketing needs. Companies are provided with a conducive environment to create and nurture innovative ideas, translating them into biomedical breakthroughs. Elective services such as initial lab set-up, procurement and bookkeeping can be added in as additional Fee-for-service by our in-house Nexus team, for the first few months. EVX “Nexus” serves as a bridge between science and medicine as well as between Singapore and global biotech capitals like Shanghai and Boston, and together we will redefine the therapeutics of tomorrow.


EVX Nexus boasts capacity to accommodate 50-60 scientists and entrepreneurs

  • Ready-to-use, plug-and-play laboratory with 5 private suites (200 to 280 sqft each) outfitted with 12 units of Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinets (both 4 and 5 ft), 4 fumehoods, 26 units of cold storage, and wide selection of shared equipment; all within the same 6,650 sqft footprint.

  • Connected office space, with 5 meeting rooms (each to hold 4 to 18 pax), 4 smaller pods (for telecalls), and ample sitting for 60 in the open space. 3 of the meeting rooms can be combined into a large 530 sqft room for bigger workshops and events.

  • Pantry, outdoor patio, and open-plan communal space in multiple spots designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration


Nexus provides all common lab equipment within the 6,650 sqft:

Chemical fume hoods and dedicated cell-culture facilities (already outfitted with Class II A2 BSCs, incubators, centrifuges)

Centrifuges, vortex, weighing balances, shakers, rotators, concentrators, sonicator, ovens, fridges, freezers, ample storage facilities (ambient to cryogenics)

Flow cytometer, PCR, plate readers, NanoDrop, ChemiDoc imaging station, high speed centrifuge

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