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XQ Lin

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Chairman & Managing Director, EVX Ventures


“For the patients: making the unreasonable reasonable, one step at a time”

XQ is a seasoned global business leader and a synergistic business partner to entrepreneurial scientists and innovators. Having lived and worked across the US, China, Europe, and Singapore, XQ has accumulated extensive operating and investment experience around the world, building a strong track record in taking technologies from concepts to commercial realities.

XQ started at Esco at the age of 13 and has transformed the family’s cleanroom technology business into a global life sciences group, growing its enterprise value by more than 300X. He initiated Esco's expansion into the US when he was studying at Wharton, developed its global sales force and manufacturing capabilities organically and through M&A, and established its new Medical IVF Tools business unit. He has also developed multiple products and patents , resulting in cumulative revenues over US$1B. Today, Esco is Singapore’s most global life sciences company with its products being sold in more than 100 countries and its operations across the US, Europe and China.

To put Asian science on the global map, XQ founded EVX Ventures (formerly Esco Ventures X) in 2018, a global cross-border biotech VC to create companies based on platform technologies. Mr. Lin co-founded Carmine Therapeutics in 2019 with Harvey Lodish, Minh Le and Jiahai Shi, where they are pioneering a new class of redosable gene therapies based on red blood cell extracellular vesicles. Carmine recently inked a US$900M deal with Takeda was named by FierceBiotech in 2020 as a Fierce 15 company. In 2020, Mr. Lin also co-founded PairX Bio to develop next generation cancer immunotherapies targeting shared tumor-associated antigens derived from aberrantly spliced proteins. 

To leverage Singapore’s well-trained biomedical workforce in performing proof-of-concept studies on promising technologies in a capital efficient manner, EVX Ventures launched a wet lab co-working space and the Morphosis Fellowship in 2018. This enables a pipeline of talented scientists to scout for promising technologies and perform experiments to validate these technologies and ensure a burgeoning pipeline of promising technologies. The PLATINUM grant was launched in 2020 to maintain a large pipeline of projects from under-ventured regions.

Mr. Lin graduated with a BSc in Economics from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

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