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The PLATINUM grant, jointly organised by EVX Ventures (formerly Esco Ventures X) and A*ccelerate, seeks to demonstrate proof-of-concept for PLATform technologies around biological INsights or Undiscovered Modalities to seed the local biotech ecosystem with innovative scientific substrates.


Platform technologies form the basis of many high-profile biotech companies today and can be considered the basic substrate upon which biotech companies are formed. The aim of the grant is to validate innovative platform technologies by performing key proof-of-concept experiments.

EVX Ventures is a biotech venture builder and may elect to co-found a biotech startup with the PI and invest in the startup, if the platform shows promise.


Max funding quantum

Up to $450K per project over a preferred period of 1 year and a maximum of 18 months to achieve proof-of-concept for platform technology.

What can be funded

EOM, OOE and EQPT. PI EOM is not fundable.

IP belongs to PI Institution

In the spirit of aiding the biotech ecosystem, EVX Ventures has elected to not own any resulting IP from the grant. All IP will belong to the respective Institutions the PIs are in. However, EVX Ventures will have first rights to license the foreground IP in order to co-found a startup with the PI.



Platform Technologies

Only platform technologies are eligible. A platform technology can be:

  • Product (therapeutic modality) platform. This is an engine that generates novel new drug modalities. Examples are new viral and non-viral gene therapy delivery vehicle, new gene editing tools, targeting motifs to target anti-sense oligos (ASOs) to new tissue and cell types.

  • Biological insights target discovery platform. This is an engine that is backed by novel, high value insights into diseases and generates previously unappreciated pathways or drug targets in diseases with high unmet need.

*For clarity, single targets will not be considered if it is not part of or arose from a target discovery platform. If the single target arose as part of a platform, the entire platform needs to be presented to be under consideration.

PI Affiliation

Applicants applying as the primary PI must be affiliated with A*STAR. There is a maximum of one co-PI. PIs must have the relevant scientific/technical background and possess necessary experience to direct the project being support by the grant.

IP ownership

Background and any resulting foreground IP should belong solely to public institutions. A*ccelerate must be the IP lead and commercialisation lead.




Launch of LOI

Deadline for Submission of LOI

Notification of LOI Shortlisting outcome

24 April 2020

29 May 2020

12 June 2020


EVX to provide biotech perspective for Full Proposal pitch and POC milestones

Deadline for Submission of Full Proposal

Grant Review Committee may request Revisions to Full Proposal

Submission of revised Full Proposal

Final Panel Showcase: Pitching to Review Panel


22-26 June 2020

10 July 2020

13-17July 2020

23 July 2020

24 July 2020

31 July 2020

*The respective deadlines have been extended by 2 weeks



We understand that PIs are busy. To simplify the process, LOI and Full proposal applications will be in PowerPoint slides. Submissions must follow the grant submission template provided below.


Applicants are required to submit their applications by emailing them to platinum@evx.ventures by the appropriate deadlines.


1. Introduction to EVX-A*ccelerate PLATINUM Grant

2. LOI submission template

3. Full Proposal submission template

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