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Huibin Zhang

Senior Associate

Huibin Zhang.png

Huibin is a Senior Associate at EVX Ventures, where she works to build new biotech ventures through scouting for technologies and conducting scientific due diligence. Huibin obtained her Ph.D. Genetics from Stanford University at Andrew Fire’s Lab, where she investigated microRNA structure and function. She was a recipient of the A*STAR National Science Scholarship in Singapore that sponsored both her undergraduate and graduate studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Stanford University respectively. Huibin returned to Singapore for her postdoctoral training in A*STAR, where she worked in diverse research areas including pathogenicity, synthetic biology and RNA sensors. She then moved into industry as a senior scientist at MSD, developing assays for drug screening. Prior to joining EVX Ventures, Huibin was an associate director at Carcell Biopharma, heading up the Molecular Biology Department to develop nucleic acid payloads.

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