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Tenzin Gocha, PhD

Senior Associate, EVX Ventures  

Director of Scientific & Business Operations, Carmine Therapeutics


Tenzin is an Associate at EVX Ventures and a founding member of Carmine Therapeutics, a biotech startup started with Professors Harvey Lodish, Minh Le and Shi Jiahai as scientific co-founders. Carmine Therapeutics is pioneering a powerful new class of medicine based on Red Blood Cell derived Extracellular vesicle. At Carmine Therapeutics, Tenzin is the Director of Scientific and Business Operations. Tenzin joined EVX Ventures under the inaugural Morphosis Fellowship program.


Tenzin did his Ph.D in Molecular Pharmacology from New York University (NYU) where he developed small molecule and small protein inhibitors against Notch and Wnt pathways. Tenzin also holds a Masters degree in Recombinant DNA Technology from NYU.  Before joining EVX Ventures, Tenzin worked on an industry funded/collaboration project as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Genome Institute of Singapore, where he developed small protein binders against Immunomodulating receptors using Yeast Surface display and Nextgeneration sequencing. Tenzin is a Fullbright scholar.


Besides his life as an Associate/entrepreneur, Tenzin spends most of his time composing music. Tenzin is a singer-song writer and has worked on two music records. Tenzin is also a professional Tibetan performing artist.

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