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Jia Pei

Senior Manager

Jia Pei.jpg

Jia Pei is Senior Manager, Lab Operations in EVX Ventures. Prior to this appointment, she was Lab Manager and helped set up the new lab at Carcell, a portfolio company with EVX. Jia Pei's role encompasses the maintenance and smooth operation of EVX's co-working Incubator space (NEXUS) in support of all of EVX's portfolio companies. Her other responsibilities include pitching to potential tenants and oversight of accounts and office operations.


Jia Pei's background was from basic science, having obtained her BSc from Melbourne University. She subsequently engaged in research as Research Assistant and Lab Manager at Academic Institutions such as BTI, ASTAR and DUKE-NUS, where she co-published in impactful journals such as Journal of Hepatology and Nature Communications. Jia Pei also served in the industry to a private bio-tech start-up (AMILI) performing not only Lab Operations and Management but also product R&D.


During her free time, Jia Pei puts her complex biological assay skills to the test by replicating difficult (food) recipes to the delight and sometimes disrelish of unwitting friends and family members.

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