Dr. Bertil Lindmark

Clinical Advisor, EVX Ventures

Dr Bertil Lindmark, MD, PhD brings an extensive and unique experience in R&D leadership, both in Big pharma, mid-size pharma and in biotech organisations in the pharmaceutical industry. As global VP Clinical Development for the Respiratory and Inflammation franchises at AstraZeneca, he led development of Symbicort, one of the worlds’ leading respiratory brands, and many other respiratory and gastro-intestinal products.

In 2010, after 19 years at AstraZeneca, with roles including leading the Drug Safety and Epidemiology in the Respiratory and Inflammation Therapy Area and secondment to lead Clinical Development at AstraZeneca Japan, he was recruited to head up Global R&D at Almirall, involving 500 R&D staff in three sites (two in Germany, one in Spain). Under his stewardship, the organisation was revived and several new drugs were successfully developed and obtained market authorization, both in the respiratory, gastro-intestinal, neuroscience and dermatological field, in US, EU and in Japan.

Upon AstraZeneca’s acquisition of the entire Almirall respiratory portfolio in 2014, Bertil joined ASLAN Pharmaceuticals in Singapore, as CMO. At ASLAN, he has developed global strategies for the oncology and the inflammation programs, which are all progressing in the clinic. He was recently recruited to the CMO role at eTheRNA Immunotherapies in Belgium, focused on mRNA immunooncology.

Before his career in Pharma, he did 10 successful years of academic medicine, specializing in internal medicine and in gastroenterology, and achieving a PhD in molecular epidemiology at the Lund University in Sweden.