We focus on early stage investment in life sciences

Esco Ventures is the life science investment arm of Esco Group. We focus on early stage investments in life science tools & diagnostics, women's health/reproductive medicine and first-in-class biotech venture creation.

Backed by the parent Esco Group, a leading Singapore-based life science and medical equipment company with global operations, Esco Ventures is an evergreen fund.



Problem Solving

We focus on solving the right problems and unmet needs in order to generate value for shareholders and stakeholders.

We respect independent thinking and the scientific method.

We combine the ability to think “big-picture” with the ability to go into great depth, and execute in a disciplined fashion.

We embrace a truth-seeking, data oriented culture, and also aim to fail quickly.


We value substance over form.

Making it happen

We celebrate both successes and failures, learning more from our failures than successes.

We are not afraid to take big calculated risks, commensurate with the potential returns.

We embrace a strong work ethic and work with a sense of urgency, in the knowledge that our time on earth is limited and that we have great works to accomplish.

We seek the uncharted waters, in relatively uncrowded spaces, where the destination is worthwhile, the path treacherous, and for which the voyage can be completed within a reasonable timeframe and cost.


We foster transparent, long-term, collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded people, across disciplines and geographies.

We seek to understand human behavior and psychology, not to gain an unfair advantage, but to better understand how markets work, and stakeholder dynamics.

We are investors in people as much as in technologies.

Transforming Lives

We are idealistic about making a lasting impact on patients and humanity through our work.



We are focused in the life sciences tools & diagnostics and women's health/reproductive medicine.


Esco Ventures invests at Seed/Series A stage globally, with capacity for follow up funding, and aims to find synergies where applicable with the Esco Group (mainly in relation to market access, development of diagnostic content, etc.)


Esco Ventures X is positioned as a leading biotech venture builder in Asia. We leverage on the world class biomedical research infrastructure in Singapore to build first-in-class biotech ventures addressing unmet medical needs.


We employ a science-first, highly disciplined approach, titrating capital in a disciplined fashion to reduce scientific risk for highly novel technologies. We support our companies with the funding, human resources and wet lab facilities to get to the first meaningful value inflection point.


Our global presence in Singapore, United States and China allows connection to an extensive network of stakeholders in the global life sciences market.


Esco Ventures Fellowship Programme

We are looking for the brightest scientific and budding entrepreneurial minds to embark on venture creation in a VC environment.

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